Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tremendous day for Dayton football as HS Signing Day passes; City League Recap

 When you look at the list of seniors who receive scholarships to play football in the Miami Valley, you almost have to gasp in shock.

   With almost 100 kids in Southwest Ohio signing to go play college football there is no shortage of talent.

And there could be more on the way after the All -Star games commence.

     Trotwood (7),  Wayne (16) & Springfield (13) led the charge with the most kids signing letters of intent. Dunbar led Dayton Public Schools with 4 players signing to play- most notably Jeffrey Pooler and Terrence Landers Jr, who respectively chose West Virginia and Purdue.

    Meadowdale star C-J Williams will go play at Georgetown next season.

  Davion Lankford, Belmont's electrifying RB, and the Top Player in the City League, must take the ACT / SAT and see where that will put him, as a handful of D-1s wait to see what his status will be.

   The Wayne Train once again showed that they are at the top of the class by getting 16 kids a scholarship.
  Not only does this take a great dedication from the coaches, but focus from the support system, school, and from the kids as well.

   Former NFL Pro Maurice Douglass, now Springfield coach, got 14 players into college, an amazing amount,  considering that the Wildcats had a average season.
   Just shows you that, no mater where you are, if you put in the time in the classroom and on the court, YOU CAN AND WILL BE REWARDED.
   Trotwood continued it's dominating success of getting players to the next level, and had 7 great kids sign.

     Which brings me to my final topic which is Dayton Public Schools.

Lamar Florence will head to Cincinnati Christian 

      With the talent that comes through DPS, the city should be second to none as far as kids getting a scholarship to play.
   However, for some reason, High school football is not as revered in Dayton public as basketball.

     With the new coaches in the fold, look for that to change within the next few years, along with a couple of other major announcements and events which could help spike the interest and the amount of players that get scholarships from Dayton Public Schools.

     While it's not all about a kid getting a sports scholarship, at least it shows that the kid were dedicated enough to hit the books and stay focused on the bigger prize. Which is a college scholarship to get a degree. Or go pro.
   It's already hard enough to maneuver through the obstacles that happen on the daily.
 Which also brings up the classroom aspect.

This topic is very much the biggest obstacle: young inner city kids not taking advantage of their talents, because,  simply put, just don't have the grades. Whether the kids just don't want to do it, or not being pushed hard enough by the parents, or just not quite smart enough, there is a problem. But when you look at all the players who did get a scholarship?
   It lets you know that these DPS kids - & parents-   need to get on top of their game. When only a handful of football players getting scholarships from Dayton Public Schools after almost 100 kids (overall) recieved one throughout the Miami Valley?
Clearly disappointing. & Eye opening.

 Salute all the kids, coaches and parents for guiding your kids to the next level.



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