Saturday, July 29, 2017

All Time Leading Scorer Joins Charity Game; Cook Player Coach of event?

In some recent news, the City Leagues All Time leading scorer in Richard "TuTu" Brown will be in a uniform for the Conquer the Court Charity Game today at Belmont HS.

After getting word there was a spot available, the scoring great from Dunbar wanted to join in.

It was found out a spot had been reserved for another player but they would be able to play, in which Brown was added on the roster.

Brown was lethal in leading the Wolverines back in the 90's and did so to the tune of becoming the Highest Scorer in Dayton Public League History.

Brown will join legends such as Juan Gay, Dwight Anderson, Mike Williams and more as they will compete today (1pm) @ Belmont HS.

There has been word that another Dunbar great in Daequan Cook may come by and participate as well.

The event will benefit the Dayton Public School District and Central State.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's Official: Powell regains job at Dunbar; Did Committee get it right?

After one of the most high profile high school situations in OHSAA history,  Dunbar coach Darran Powell was approved on Tuesday night to be re-hired as the head coach of the Dunbar Wolverines.

Powell and staff will be back for 2017 

The Dayton Public School Committee finally got it right.

Better late than never right?

  Powell, who lost his job due to lack of votes in the re-hiring process recently, was awarded his job back in a voting process that favored him 6-1.

  Most, if not all, did truly feel that Powell did deserve a his job back.
 The one person who voted no wanted to hear a apology from Powell, which was his reason for voting no, citing a lack of real remorse from Powell and his staff.

In the scandal and hottest topic of the 2016 High School season, Dunbar allegedly tried to throw a game vs Belmont after playing a ineligible player and being called out on it by the Belmont staff.

 It was alleged that the AD (Mark Baker) told the Coaches at Dunbar to let Belmont win, so that both teams would make the playoffs after being caught paying the ineligible player.

 The game was eventually stopped by the officials  briefly after the Wolverines looked to try to the throw the game. Albeit in bad fashion as well.

   After delegation, the Wolverines finished off the Bison, but in effect, would be the final straw for Dunbar as they would forfeit their final 2 games, causing a playoff shift in teams who would and wouldn't make it, and eliminating themselves and watching Belmont go to the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season.

Will the Bison make it 3 straight years in the playoffs? 

 Once the dust had settled, Baker had denied all reports of him telling the staff to throw the game, while Powell had openly told his teams parents in a meeting the Sunday after the game, that he would never do anything like that knowingly.

 Pete Pullen, the legendary basketball coach, resgined as the AD from Dunbar after the situation, which then left it a Powell-Baker situation.

 Baker, who has denied all accusations, was cleared by Superintendent Rhonda Corr of any wrongdoings but was found at fault by OHSAA, which led to a 3-year Probation settlement on DPS.

As long as Baker is in office, there will be probation, which was the messaged relayed to the District.

Nevertheless, Baker got a 2-year extension.
 And Powell?
 He lost his job, even though he won the majority of the votes.

So when the word got out that someone else would be coaching the Wolverines and how Powell actually lost his job?

The entire organization stood up for Dunbar coach, which set the stage for tonight.

After the results, the Dunbar contingent hugged and celebrated.
 While Darran Powell wasn't at the event,  the Powell family was in full force, and was very relieved in the final results.

Assistant coach Antoine Sain felt like the kids would be the most to benefit, as Powell is like a "Father figure" to a lot of the Wolverines.

   When it was over, Rhonda Corr waved to the Dunbar family and congratulated them on the ruling.
In return, some of the Wolverines waved back and talked.

In a tumultuous year, this was the absolute best move Corr and the committee has made.
 Hands down.

Now when is that Belmont-Dunbar game this year?

Oh yeah, it's the Season Opener.

You can bet that Powell is already at work.
Now he can eat and sleep again.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Signing Day Results: Patton, Hoskins Jr, Miller, Guy, Gable, Foster, Jackson, Trice, Hooks Ink It Up; Which Local Teams Missed Out? Top 10 Unsigned players

Here's some of the the top Headlines, Results, from yesterdays High School Signing Day, which was exciting to say the least. Some of the best student athletes in Southwest Ohio:

Patton Push lands in Akron with LeBron and Co; Dayton, Wright State offer "Too Late"

 After a incredibly tense and thrilling basketball ride for star G Torrey Patton, the 2-Time Player of the Year and leader of the Trotwood Madison Rams decided to sign with Akron, turning down Wright State and Dayton in the process.

It was reported that Dayton made a offer in the middle of the night, as Flyers new coach Anthony Grant had gotten the word about Patton, albeit later than he would have liked. Or should have.

Much appreciated, but "Too late" Patton said.

While it was thought he might go to Duquesnse with LeBron James former coach Keith Dambrot (who was initially at Akron before taking job at Duquense), Patton was sold on the future of the Zips, where he fit in, where he really liked the city and the environment, and the fact that there is another local on the roster (Isiah Williams) also was a plus for Patton.
Torrey Patton, with Akron staff 

And where was Patton's first choice initially? Wright State

But the inconsistencies in the recruiting hurt the Raiders chances, and even though the 2nd push was very hard, and had Patton thinking twice, he never strayed far from Akron.

There were a couple tense moments as Wayne Head Coach Travis Trice was invited to the event by the Patton family. Some of the Trotwood staff wasn't pleased with this, but overall it was a dynamic event and a fitting day to a drama filled-but incredible to watch Movie Script type of year for Patton, the Rams and his family.

Congrats to the newest Akron Zip.
And yes we are predicticting it.
He will be a star in the MAC in 2 years.

        Hoskins Jr signs with Saginaw Valley State 

Darnell Hoskins Jr and dad celebrate signing at Thurgood HS

 Darnell Hoskins felt at home when he went to Saginaw Valley State, and knew that they wanted to put him in their immediate plans, so he surpised everyone when he made if official yesterday.
Hoskins had 3 other D-1s on the list (Miami (Ohio), Akron, Grambling St) but felt that the Cardinals was the right choice.

"I wanted to go where I can play right away, and they had a plan for me. They have a great program, one of he best D-2s in the country and they made me feel like family there."

His father, Darnell Hoskins, who went to Wisconsin before going to Dayton, was relieved, and proud to see his son make the decision, going against the grain and not selecting a D-1 school.

When asked what was his second choice?
"There wasn't one" Hoskins said. I knew when I left the campus that I wanted to be there.

Alter Star Braxtin Miller signs with Cowboys
Star PG Braxtin Miller signed with the Oklahoma State Cowboys yesterday.
Miller, a 3-time State Champion, will come right in and possibly start for the Cowboys. Miller, led the Knights to one of the greatest runs in Ohio History with the 3-peat, and should take her game to the next level next season.
Will Ohio State regret not signing the star guard?

Thurgood Star G Hooks signs with Ohio
Star G Cierra Hooks  (Thurgood Marshall) signed her letter of intent to go to Ohio yesterday. The 2-Time Player of the Year is very excited to have the opportunity to play on the next level. Hooks led the Cougars to some of the best records in School History in the last couple years.

Gable signs with Southeast Missouri State
One of the premiere big men in the Miami Valley decided to go to Southeast Missouri State, and signed the letter of intent on Monday.
Greenville Star F Isaiah Gable, a 6'7 Combo Forward, also runs track, and has a college ready skill set to with his frame.
Gable liked what the coaches had in plans for him, and liked the campus as well.
Gable could become a college star in the future, as he has all the tools to excel at the next level.

He lit it up in the Senior Showcase, as he literally jumped out of a long drive from a recruiting visit and lit it up in the 3-pt showcase, making 21 of  24 3-pointers putting on a shooting exhibition, and winning the event.

Chris Jackson inks deal with Urbana
Dunbar All-Ohio G Chris Jackson verbally signed to head to Urbana this fall. Jackson, a 6'3 Shooting Guard, will get his chance to show why he could be one of the real sleepers in the class. Jackson has D-1 ability and the Raiders or the Flyers should have maybe looked a littler harder at the clutch scorer.

Trice inks to go to Sinclair
Isiaah Trice, Travis Trice 3rd son to hit college, will be heading to Sinclair Community College this fall to play for the Tartans.

Trice decided to go that route, which will still give him a opportunity to possibly go D-1 after a year or so. Sinclair has one of the top Junior College programs (D-2) in the country and was ranked as high as #5 this season.

Trice is excited for the opportunity, and so is his dad.
"He will get a chance to continue his journey and get better in the process at a good school. I'm very happy for him." Travis said.

Guy headed to Defiance 
Jefferson star G headed to Defiance
Jefferson G Issac Guy signed his letter of Intent to go to Defiance as the dynamic G will get to continue his college. Guy has great 1 on 1 ability and will help the program immensely.

Next Article:
Raiders, Flyers shut out of commits: Good or bad for teams?

Next Article:  Top 10 unsigned players

Next Article: 
Baker keeps job; Will Powell be next in line? 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Signing Day tomorrow for Patton, Hoskins; Some interesting options could play out; Where Will they go?

It is now time for HS seniors to start signing hoop scholarships.

Where will local stars Darnell Hoskins and Torrey Patton end up? Maybe with Keith Dambrot & LeBron, or Grambling perhaps?

With all the excitement surrounding the Torrey Patton push, we wanted to analyze the stars Final 5 teams and see where Patton and friend and former Thurgood star Darnell Hoskins Jr will end up.

 Hoskins Jr, was the City League Player of the Year in 16, but decided to go to a prep school after his senior year, which enhanced his skills, development, and preparation for big time college ball.

While both will be making their announcements live tomorrow, Patton will do his at 9am (Trotwood), while Hoskins will do his at 3 (Thurgood Marshall).

Both players had great senior seasons, and now they will get a chance to shine at the next level.

Let's look at the teams and weigh the odds on where these 2 stars will end up.

Where will Patton Push lead the star guard?  

Torrey Patton Final 5: Akron, Miami (Ohio), Duquesne, Wright State, & Robert Morris 

Darnell Hoskins Jr Final 5: Akron, Miami (Ohio) Grambling St, Longford, & Saginaw Valley State 

When you look at Pattons final 5, there are a few things that stand out.

(1) The Impact of LeBron 
The fact that James spoke for Patton, this has resonated within Pattons circle and the State of Ohio for that matter. With LBJ'S former coach Keith Dambrough headed to Duquesne, will Patton follow? Word is that Akron went all out for the star, and would love to have the shooting guard.

(2) The local effect 
With Wright State and Miami, you have 2 schools in your back yard who joined the sweepstakes later in the game.

Wright State inquired about Patton as a junor but backed off for some reason, which didn't thrill the Patton circle.

Now the Raiders have hit the full court press button, especially since star G Mark Alstork is transferring out.

Miami has a new coach in Damon Frierson, and he made a nice impact on Patton and his family. Miami is a small school but big time in the fact that they have a solid program that is only 45 minutes from Dayton.

Where will Patton go? Will he stay close to home or will he head up north?
Will he go with Team LBJ?

When you get to Hoskins, he has both Miami (Ohio) & Akron as well, which makes for a intriguing prospect.

Could Hoskins and Patton go to the same school?

Considering both schools have new coaches in the fold, it makes for a compelling situation if it is possible.

Patton will be a combo guard in college, possibly moving to the 2 spot, while Hoskins is a pure PG.

Hoskins has Grambling pushing hard as well, along with D-2 powers Longford and Saginaw Valley State

Hoskins has calculated every move, and this one won't be any different.

Hoskins and Patton in Miami Ohio red or Akron blue?
Or will Patton suprise us with a selection to Duquesne or Robert Morris?

So quiet, but always caluclated.

Let the new journey begin for these 2 talented  young men.
Where ever it will be, look for both to make a major impact from Day 1.

Locals dominate at Nike Camp; Hargrove nabs MVP; Thomas, Scates sends statement; Powell regains coaching job;

Here's the Hop topics in the Miami Valley as we head towards the end of the school year:

Hargrove wowed coaches at the Nike camp in Cleveland, Ohio.
Hargrove is a back to back MVP, a feat few have accomplished 

Locals stars shine at Nike Camp

Raveion Hargrove, Jojo Scates, Tavion Thomas and L'Christian Blue Smith headlined a star studded senior class as both shined at the Nike Camp last weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.
While Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson and the Browns staff observed, the local talent shined.

Hargrove had been looked at as one of the top RBs in the country,  but the question remained;
What about his stature? Is he tall enough?

Hargrove put all those rumors to bed, winning MVP of the event, and pushing his name into the upper echelon of the country. When asked about his height, Hargrove just shrugs it off and shows why he's the one of, if not the most dynamic RB in the country.
Dunbar stars JoJo Scates and Tavion Thomas repped well at the Camp as well, as both are high on the radar of all the top colleges in the country.

L'Christian "Blue" Smith fielded questions about his ability to play WR, as some has thought that maybe he would be a Tight End at the next level.
The #1
Smith also put those rumors to rest, as he has ran a 4.4 40 recently while standing at 6'7 right now. His ability to change directions, and to beat his man has dismissed the rumors, and he has stated that "I want to play WR" and that he will not play anything else, which is a reason Ohio State is not at the top spot in Smiths mind.
 As of yet.

Smith has taken visits, and just recently visited Notre Dame.
Blue is a fan of the Irish.
Smith has favored Kentucky, Ohio State, and Notre Dame along with Alabama making a push as well.
And don't forget about Michigan and Michigan St.

Overall the Nike Camp was a success for the Dayton athletes and it should be a incredible senior year in Southwest Ohio.

Coach Darran Powell regains football job at Dunbar

Dunbar Powell re-signs with Wolverines, will coach Dunbar next season 

With everything that has happened in the last year, the Dunbar staff cab finally exhale as Coach Darran Powell and his staff will coach the Wolverines next season.
 While Powell has stated that he felt like his name and the staff would be slung through the mud during the allegations, he always kept the faith that he should be the head coach.

In a move that should have happened, it did, and now the Wolverines will get a chance to atone for a disastrous end of season. While Powell knows that the team he had last year was very good, this team coming up should be just as good. Although senior star players Keyshawn Jones and Chris Jackson moves on, the Wolverines have ready and willing talent ready to step in.

 Powell has stated that he can now "sleep again" after many restless nights during the investigation,
and hopefully can get some positive vibes and repair the program after a tumultous end with the team last season.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Senior Showcase shines; Kadeim Jones wins MVP; Foster grabs Slam Dunk; Gable wins shootout; Mic Lansky shines

The Senior All Star Showcase went down at Belmont HS yesterday as the top seniors battled it out with people in attendance.

With the top 20 Senior hoopers from the Miami Valley in the building, it was a sight to behold as the best of the best put it down in front of a nice crowd.

MVP Kadeim Jones and winning Coach Marvan Gordon 
    Kadeim Jones, G-F Thurgood  the G-F from Thurgood Marshall, garnered the MVP vote as he dominated the game.
While Jones was MVP, there was plenty of action and great play from both sides as the Away squad won 110-107, coached by Marvan Gordon.

 While it wasn't a full house, it was a nice crowd, there was stars in attendace, coaches on hand, and a great atmosphere for the future of basketball.

  In the events leading up to the game, Trotwood's Trotwood's Amir Foster was the Slam Dunk Champion as he did 3 amazing dunks in only 3 tries to defeat Tykiel Brooks. Foster played very well in the game to boot.
Dunk Champion Amir Foster clownin' with Comedian Ray Jackson

Greenville F Isiah Gable came fresh from a recruiting visit to win the 3-pt contest, narrowly defeating Dunbar sharpshooter Storm Cook in the Finals (23-21) as both put on a dazzling display in the exhibition.
Gable hit 11 of the 12 3-pointers in the 1st round, and 10 of 12 in the Finals to seal the deal.

3 pt Champion Isiah Gable drops 3 from deep corner as Gordon squad defeats Smith squad 110-107. 

He also starred in the game as well, and at 6'8 with nice Combo Forward size and athleticism, the likes of Iona, SE Missouri, and other D-1s are recruiting the skilled big man.

At halftime, local rising star Artist Mic Lansky lit up the crowd with his performance, setting the event on fire.
Lansky recently did a music video with Superstar Rapper Lil Boosie, even gettin Boosie to come through Dayton during the taping of the video.

With star comedian Ray Jackson providing the entertainment as the host, and one of the top DJs providing the music, the event had a great vibe to it.

Overall the event was groundbreaking, and showed that people will support the future here in a fun and positive manner.

Event hosts Kevin Satterfield & Hoops4U CEO Lorenzo Smith were pleased with the events turnout and knows next year it will be even better.

You can check for the game, highlights, interviews and more starting Monday at:

Friday, April 7, 2017

OHSAA rules 3 years probation for DPS Sports; Wolverine Coaches Vindicated; Haley Leaves Amazing Legacy in Ohio

Here's the hot topics for Friday 

OHSAA hands DPS probation, fine 

After a lengthy and drama filled situation that involved the Dunbar Football program, DPS Athletic Director Mark Baker and Superintendent Rhonda Corr, Ohio High School Athletic Association made a decision to give the entire district 3 years probation and a $10,000 fine, sources say.

 While it was thought that Dayton Public Schools could possibly receive the "Death Penalty" for the alleged attempt at fixing a game, playing a ineligible player, and so forth.
 OHSAA, however, in effect, gave the District a stern smack on the wrist compared to what most thought would happen.

Dunbar Coaching Staff Cleared by OHSAA

Dunbar's coaching staff was cleared of wrongdoing from the incident, which was sweet music to their ears. They will be able to keep their jobs, regain some credibility and as Wolverines Coach Darran Powell stated, "Were so glad to put this behind us and get to work. We have some unfinished business,"  eluding to the fact that the Wolverines missed out on a golden opportunity last season to reach the playoffs.

 With so many factors on the board, the committee decided to handle it in a manner in which, although the kids and the whole District is penalized, they will be allowed to compete in the playoffs, which was the biggest issue for all involved.
Superintendent Rhonda Corr and AD Mark Baker will have to meet with OHSAA officials for further detail, but for the most part, the final decisions have been made.
Superintendent Rhonda Corr

While OHSAA would not respond to whether there could be further action for Corr or Baker, there is a huge sigh of relief for the District, which was about to look like a free agency in a pro sports.

We hope the district can get it together, because the next time, it will be a catastrophe.
A valuable lesson learned all around, and while the kids are affected the most by this, it could have been a lot worse for DPS.

Dunbar Legendary Coach Mike Haley passes away; Was he the Greatest HS Coach ever in Dayton?
  One of the, if not the greatest HS Coach in the Miami Valley passed away last weekend in Mike Haley Sr.

Haley was a true legend, taking 2 different schools to the State, creating a new playing style, and coaching some of the greatest talent in Daytons's rich hoop history to unparalleled success.

Roth won back to back state Championships in 80-81

Haley won a state title as a player (Portsmouth) and won a MAC College Championship as well, knocking off Kentucky in the NCAA tourney in a stunning upset.

He then would come to Dayton to solidy himself as one of the greatest HS Basketball Coaches in Ohio history.

He took over at Roosvelt, then guided Roth to 2 state titles, one led by Star RB and Ohio State great Keith Byars.

He would then move to Dunbar, where he would get one more title, in 87, led by his son Mike Haley Jr, Mark Baker and Kirk Taylor. Haley Jr would set the record for most points in City League Career. Only to be topped by Richard "TuTu" Brown, another Wolverine great.

Haley would end up winning 300 games, with a great winning percentage and personality to boot. Haley was one of the more emotional, fun, and stylistic coaches to watch, and his signature Full-Court Pressing style he impletmented at Roosvelt still is a big time way the Wolverines and the City League teams play.

Haley was a true pioneer and embassador for the sport in the Dayton area and Statewide.
He was 73 years old, and was at the Kleptz YMCA  working in the basketball program before the passing.

Salute one of Ohio's greatest to ever do it, on the court and on the sidelines.

Rest in Peace Mr Haley.