Saturday, October 31, 2015

Impact of Dunbar - Belmont game could be huge tonight (830pm)

For years the Belmont Bison have been the doormats of the City League.  Almost 37 to be exact. They've had a year or so where they have been decent, but nothing like what has happened in the last 2 years.  
    Well, the Bison have a chance to kick down history once and for all.
    At the hands of possibly the most celebrated High School in the Miami Valley.
   Before the season started, Dunbar was the team who were one of the pre-season favorites to win the newly formed SWOPL (Southwest Ohio Public League) which merges Dayton & Cincinnati Public schools for football.

Belmont? Figured to go .500 at best.

   But after both teams took season opening losses on the road, Belmont was able to bounce back and ride it's star to 7 straight wins, a possible playoff berth and a chance to complete history, as the first team to win the SWOPL outright in its first year back.
   But can they actually beat Dunbar?

    Dunbar smacked Belmont last season, and for years at that. They're like the big bro who smacks lil bro around and never thinks twice about that lil bro will get bigger and stronger one day and not forget all them whoopins. After the tough loss last season you can be sure that coach learned a thing or two about this team since that time.
   Dunbar is supremely talented, well coached and if not for a couple of tough late game losses, they'd be playing for a playoff spot themselves. They seemingly have the top talent that bring themselves to the Wolverines each and every season. However, they have made some timely mistakes which has been their undoing.
Will Dunbar once again prove that their talent and will outweighs that of any other team in the city, and stop The Bison amazing momentum?
The Wolverines are notorious for slamming Title hopes.
   Just not sure they can hold off 37 years of Bison frustration.
  Welcome Stadium will be rockin' tonight (830) as we will see if the Bison are forreal.

   Win this game? & Expect a Bison revival, a playoff run, and a new Era at Belmont.
Lose? Well, we've heard that story for 37 years. We know that ending.
At least the Bison are exciting,  relevant, and doing things the right way.
Expect a classic game tonight. Expect great High School football, coaches by two of the best coaches in the Miami Valley tonight. Expect plays made by D-1 players all over the field tonght.
City League football is on the rise.

NOTE: A possible Annual Dayton HS Sports City League All-star HS Football Challenge in the works for March - April debut.
Football in Dayton, Ohio is back on the rise.
History will be made tonight.

Who makes it, Belmont or Dunbar?


Friday, October 30, 2015

Playoff hopes hang in the balance in Week 10; rivalries renewed

As we enter the last week of regular season one thing is for certain:
Playoffs start next week, but for most, it starts tonight, as we check out the 5 biggest games in Week 10: 

(1) Centerville  (6-3)  @   Wayne  (9-0) 
 In one of the great rivalries in the Southwest Ohio region,  Centerville, who has seemingly found their rhythm behind the Chaminade julienne transfer Jacob Harrison. The senior has thrown for 2200 + and accounted for almost 3,000 yards in the season. Centerville has been almost lucky and good at the same time, as they have survived some fantastic finishes.
    However, tonight could be a little bit too much. 

The Wayne train has steamrolled every single opponent that they have stepped in front of. 
   Led by Trotwood transfer Messiah DeWeaver, the offense has been unstoppable. With everything on the line for Centerville and a playoff home game for Wayne, it's nothing new for the GWOC, which, quite frankly, looks like one of the top 3 HS Football Leagues in Ohio.
 In the last 15 years three teams have dominated the league and two are playing  (the other is Trotwood). 

With that being said, we pick the Wayne Train to win and end the Elks late season run 40-20. 

(2) Dunbar (4-5)   vs   Belmont   (7-1)
With Dunbar losing to top seed Taft last week in a thrilling game, the Wolverines will now have to play the spoiler role as Belmont will attempt to not only win the conference outright, but get a playoff berth, something that hasn't happened in decades. Dunbar has its opportunity slip away, and maybe were a year away from winning the city. Belmont, led by Coach Earl White and star player Davion Lankford, have provided a swagger, discipline, and a camaraderie in their organization that seems to be fueling the entire Bison nation.
Dunbar has the better talent, but can they make the key plays to win the game? 
Bison win and get to the playoffs 24-22. 

(3) Trotwood  (6-3)  @  Vandalia Butler  
 Trotwood is guaranteed a playoff spot win or lose tonight and could secure a playoff home game if they can defeat the Aviators in Vandalia. Vandalia needs to win this game and more than likely Hope that a couple things go there way to get to the playoffs. Nevertheless it's been a very good season for Vandalia Butler, and this game will be tight all the way down to the end. 
Were picking the Rams in a close one 30-28.

 (4) Miamisburg (8-1)  @  West Carrollton  (2-7)
 Miamisburg is in a good position as they're hoping for a win and a little bit of help to get to the playoffs. barring any let downs, they should be able to get a win over the Pirates. West Carrolton has been up and down this season but this game is a rivalry so expect the Pirates to play with more energy and probably to an even keel in the first half. Miamisburg should win this one 35-20.

(5) Shroeder  @  Thurgood   (4-5)  
 Although  Thurgood didn't win the City League title for a 7th straight season they have started to finish strong with their young talent and looks like they could be a force for next year. Can they get the job done tonight at welcome Stadium and even their record for the season?
We're pcmic.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 9 Recap: Wayne, Trotwood cruise; Miamisburg wins late; Thurgood wins city battle

Here are the headlines from week 9 around the Miami Valley:
Thurgood escapes for a Huge Play

Wayne cruises to W  
Wayne started fast, star WR L'Christian "Blu" Smith scored 3 TDS on 3 catches and the Warriors shut down Beavercreek. Future Michigan St QB Messiah DeWeaver had 4TDs in limited time.
 Can the Creek win next week and slide into a playoff spot? Remains to be seen.
As far as Wayne?
TOP 25 in the COUNTRY.

Thurgood D clinches win over Meadowdale 
Meadowdale scored the first 13 points & held a 13-8 lead into half, but Thurgood scored late in the 3rd and Intercepted 3 Lions passes in the 4th to seal the deal in the City League battle.

 Miamisburg wins its final game at home come back style
Miamisburg jumped out to a big lead, but
The Burg' racing to end zone in last game at Harmon Field  
Springboro came roaring back. The Vikings scored with less than a minute remaining to win the final game 35-32. The thriller was the last game played in Miamisburg legendary Harmon Field. The Boro' falls to 7--2, while Miamisburg wins their division, ups their record to 8-1 & solidifies a playoff spot.

 Trotwood comes back strong verses Green Greenville
Trotwood came back with a resounding win In Greenville as the D stepped up and the O came to life. The Rams now move to 6-3  &, with a win next week, should be in the playoffs.

 Dunbar falls in a shootout 
The Wolverines lost 43-40 in a shootout to Cincinnati Taft. The Wolverines had a chance late in the game, but couldn't get it done.
The Wolverines fall to 4-5.

  Centerville defeats  Springfield to keep its playoff hopes alive
The Elks continue to walk a tightrope as they defeated the Wildcats 35-32 Friday night. After starting 2-3 the Elks have won 4 straight and with a win next week, could sneak into the playoffs.  Despite a great game from Star Danny Davis, the Wildcats couldn't survive the epic battle.

Prediction Record this week: 3-3 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Top 5 Games of Week 9

With the regular season coming to a near end, it's now or never for most teams as the playoffs are right around the corner.

Here's our top games for Week 9:

(1) Wayne (8-0)  @   Beavercreek  (6-2)

Last week the Beavers felt like if they could get 2 out of their last 3 games they would reach the playoffs.  After a heartbreaking loss to Centerville last week, the Beavers will face their destiny a week early, as the Wayne Train is in town tonight. Win the epic battle?
 possibly cruise to a playoff spot.
Lose? Could be a tough tough end to a great season .Can star RB Tim Bradshaw lead the Beavers to a epic victory?
We pick the Wayne Train 37- 24.

(2) Thurgood  (3-5)  @ Meadowdale (4-4) 

In what should be a battle to the finish, the Lions will look to get some revenge on the 6-Time Champs. Thurgood will be hungry to grab a W, as they were defeated soundly last week by Dunbar.

We have Thurgood winning 26-24.

(3) Springboro  @  Miamisburg  

With both teams on the brink of the playoffs, this game could be damaging for either team that loses..
Springboro, with a win, could lock up a playoff spot.
Miamisburg needs a win this week and next week and some things to happen.

Were taking Springboro by a score of 30-20.

(4) Springfield (3-5) @ Centerville  (5-3) 

Can "The Field"eliminate the Elks from playoff contention? I'm sure that despite the Wildcats record and inability to get to the playoffs, they'd love nothing more than to knock off the Elks, who seemingly play in the big games every single week.
We have the Wildcats in a upset, 38-30.

(5) Dunbar  (4-4)  @ Cincy Taft    

After trouncing Thurgood last week, the Wolverines  know that they need to win tonight in Cincinnati to have a chance to make the playoffs. They squandered a couple of games early in the season, but know if they can win the last two games, they still might have an outside shot to make the playoffs. Cincinnati taft, will be ready to go, and have some firepower.
We think the Wolverines will prevail 22-16.

Trotwood (5-3) @ Greenville  

Can Trotwood right the ship before it's too late? Once looking like a lock to make the playoffs, now they must win, and hope that things fall their way.
Trotwood wins tonight 24-19.

DHSS Predictions:
Last week's record: 4-1

Friday, October 16, 2015

Top 5 Games of Week 8

Here's our top games for week 8 as teams make their playoff runs and key rivalries heat up.

Will the Wolverines be ready for the Cougars?

(1) Dunbar  vs Thurgood  @ Welcome Stadium (7pm)
     Last years City League championship game features two of the best in the city, as a revamped Thurgood squad who was reigning City League Champs 6 years straight, will look to keep the dynamic Wolverines from putting up big numbers.
Dunbar has been inconsistent in key moments, but has looked unstoppable in others. After losing City League player of the year Jamahl Manley, the Cougars have started to rebound.
We have the Wolverines winning a wild one 34-28.

(2) Beavercreek (6-1)   @ Centerville (5-2) (7pm)
   In the GWOC game of the Week, both teams desperately need this game. The Creek', led by 1,000 yard rusher Tim Beadshaw, will be ready, but so will Centerville, who has won 4 straight and could be the hottest team in the area.
We have Centerville winning a close one 28-24

(3) Northmont  (4-3)  @  Wayne (7-0) (7pm)
   Can Northmont, led by star player Avery Miliner, pull off the upset of the season? Nationally ranked Wayne has throttled every team it has seen this season, sans one.
The WayneTrain will continue its steamrolling 41-21.

(4) Piqua  (2-5)  @ Trotwood (5-2) (7pm)
After a shocking loss to Troy at home last week, can the Rams bounce back and get a much needed W this week to stay in drivers seat for playoffs? Piqua has had some great moments and key wins this season.
The Rams will get it done by a score of 30-16.

(5) Dayton Christian  @ Lockland 
Can the Crusaders go on the road to get a huge Weight and keep their playoff hopes alive? Been a good season so far, but Lockland will be ready.
We're riding the Crusaders in a close one, 26-18

Thursday, October 15, 2015

If committee is paying attention, Bison will make it to playoffs

   We had the luxury to have Belmont on the TV show of Dayton High School Sports last year. After initially speaking with rising star RB Davion Lankford  you got the sense that the smooth RB with sick moves and a gear few have, hadn't quite understood what he was accomplishing.

  He hadn't played ball in years. His grades wasn't on par, and, quite frankly, he wasn't focused on being a student athlete. Or even a student.

However with the coaxing of his family and new staff of Belmont football coaches, Lankford did make changes.
Big changes. Program resurrecting changes.
With stunning results, we might add.

But back to the Interview.
Before the interview Lankford was nervous, excited, and happy to be on the show. He had ran for 200+ with 3 TDs, and his mom, uncles, and support staff was there.He genuinely seemed shocked that he was getting so much attention for playing football. 

He was our first ever DHSS Athlete of the Week. And he beamed for that moment.

But the one thing you also seen was the hunger for more, and the desire to be great. The longer the interview went on, the better he got. Kind of like how he is on the field. And in the books too.

    After a nice start last season,  the Bison fizzled late, and you started to hear the rumors of the "Old Belmont Bison ways", which was losing, losing, and more losing.
    But the one difference between the old Bison and the new Bison is quite simple:

Coach Earl White and his coaching staff.

  Not to mention a rejuvenated Bison fan club (Bison Nation) which tailgates, whoops and hollers and support their Bison with the best of them.

   White took the Colonel White / Thurgood Marshall program and took it to a level very few coaches have reached in City League and Southwest Ohio HS football history.
   Multiple City League Titles, numerous playoff beths, (including a signature victory over the vaunted Alter Knights) and a State Berth, to name a few.
   White was a former player himself, and holds every player, coach, and staff member accountable.

And if you don't like it?  Deal with it.

  And by his results, the players have responded and love his style. Whether u like his style of play or not, it has worked almost 70% of the time, which is a great winning percentage for any coach on any level. He knew it would take a little time, but a Southwest Public City League Championship in their first season and his first City Title after two years?

Ohio HS Football Playoff Committee, are you watching?

  After a gutsy win over Ponitz, we asked some family where Lankford was looking to go.
   Sources close to Davion told us that Coach White told Lankford that, "When the time is right" he'd unveil the list of schools drooling over the two way star for his services.

"Stay focused on books and the season, and the rest will take care of itself." White said.

Well after a 5 TD game last week, it's safe to that Lankford is listening.

Now about that change...
Lankford has become the unquestioned leader of the Bison. He has squared his grades, worked extremely hard on his body, as he takes major punishment every week. He is a captain of the team, become more vocal and holds all the other players accountable while lifting an entire program back to notoriety.

  Lankford has taken a glimpse of hope and turned it into a mountain of opportunities.
D-1 offers, loved by his peers, respected and feared by his opponents.

  But, in his most recent interview, its obvious he is focused on the task at hand. He talked about his team, getting to the playoffs and rising up even with its looks dim, as his boys had just won in OT after he had scored a TD, 2-pt conversion and had a key sack.

  The Bison (6-1) sit 9th in the region for a playoff berth, with 2 games to go. Although they won their league, it's not guaranteed to make the playoffs.  With White's pedigree in previous playoffs, & the a team loaded with talent, quality coaching, and players who have bought into the system?

Never too late.

Just ask Davion Lankford and Earl White.

OHSAA Football playoff Committee, are you paying attention? If not, you should be.

Everyone else sure is.

Salute the Bison.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 7 Recap: Belmont wins sixth straight, Wayne steamrolls, Troy upsets Trotwood

As we hit the final stretch of HS football, we take a look at the Headlines and results from week 7:

 Belmont shuts out Cincy Prep, wins first City Title in over 35 years 

Bison win first City League title in over 35 years 
After all the years of being the doormat of the City League, the losing times are over.
  Belmont pounded Cincy Prep 38-0 and in the process became the first League Champ of the Cincy - Dayton Public HS Football League merger, and first in 37 years.
Sr. Star 2-way player Davion Lankford ran wild on Prep and the Bison cruised to a huge W in Cincy.

Troy pulls off upset, defeats Trotwood late
The Trojans were able to hold on late to shock the Rams 21-20 in Trotwood.

Trotwood Swarming D
The Rams were coming off a beatdown of Sidney, but Troy was much more game, as the score showed. Trotwood had their chances, but couldn't captialize.
Now Trotwood is 5-2 & makes that playoff berth a lot more challenging. Troy moves to 3-4.

 The Creek' survives the Wildcats, wins late
Beavercreek was able to hold on to a huge win in a epic battle, an albeit sloppy one til late as they defeated Springfield 31-28.
Tim Bradshaw ran for a tough 92 yards, (giving him 1,000 on the season) and 2 big TDs, as the Creek moved to 6-1.
Springfield falls to 2-5.

Meadowdale wins 3rd straight,  defeats Ponitz
The Lions won their 3rd straight game as they took out Ponitz 25-6. The Lions were led by Kevan Hughley and looked solid in the offensive game, while shutting down Ponitz offense.

WayneTrain throttles Fairmont 
While it wasn't another shutout, it was close to being one as Wayne (7-0) jumped out early and won easily. The #2 ranked team in the state continues to roll.

Dunbar shuts down Western Hills
The Wolverines took out some frustrations on the Cincy squad as they routed Western Hills. Dunbar moves to 3-4.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Key games for Week 7 as playoff hopes still alive

Here is our top games in the Miami Valley for week 7.

(1) Wayne  (6-0) @  Fairmont  (2-4)
 Can nationally ranked (#21) Wayne Train continue to steamroll opponents and get to 7-0 versus a game fairmont team?
We think so, as got Wayne winning 42-22. 

(2) Meadowdale (3-3)  @ Ponitz (1-5)
(Welcome Stadium) 
With Meadowdale winning a big game last week VA Dunbar, can they keep up the winning ways or will Ponitz get back in the win column?
We got Meadowdale continuing their winning 26-18.

(3) Troy (2-4) @ Trotwood (5-1)
Can Troy win  Another big game on the road? Or will the Rams continue to march being a top team in the state, towards the playoffs?
We got Trotwood winning big 37-17.

(4) Springfield (2-4) @  Beavercreek (5-1) 
 and what could be the game of the night, can Springfield turn it around and still make a playoff run? Can Beavercreek play up to max potential and get a huge win?
We got the Field pulling off a minor upset, 24-20.

(5) Belmont (5-1)  @  Cincy Prep 
 in a monumental game that could keep the Bison rolling, can they go on the road once again and get a key victory over a team they supposed to beat? Cincy prep has been competitive, but also has been blown out.
Look  for a Belmont win 28 - 14.

Last weeks predictions: 3-2

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 6 recap: Wayne Train rolls, Lions beat Dunbar, Trotwood cruise.

Here's a recap of the key games in Week 6 that went down on Friday:

Wayne shuts out Springfield in rivalry game -
In what most thought would be a battle, turned out to be all Wayne on a rainy night as Matt Wilcox scored on a long TD pass, and RB-WR Daryl McClesky Jr. scored twice in the second half to help Wayne move to 6-0. Maybe the warriors were fired up. But it's been the Wayne Train on a one way ticket to the state.

Meadowdale squeezes past Dunbar -
With both teams trying to make a push for the playoffs, The Lions came out on top as they held the Wolverines late in the game for a big 15-12 win. The Lions move to 3-3, while Dunbar falls to 2-4.

The 'Creek defeats Northmont, moves closer to playoffs -
Although it wasn't pretty, Beavercreek held on for a key win, as Tim Bradshaw scored late to seal the deal. The Beavers (5-1) seems in position for a playoff berth.

Rams roll past Sidney -
Trotwood scored early and often and led comfortably by halftime. Sidney had no match for the vaunted Rams running game. And now standing at 5-1, it looks like the Rams are prepping for another postseason run.

Taft defeats Thurgood -
Cin Taft came in with a game plan and executed it almost to perfection in downing Thurgood 49-7.
Thurgood (2-4) was looking to gain steam for a late push, but had trouble moving the ball throughout the game.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Top 5 games of Week 6; The Field vs The Wayne Train, Dunbar Meadowdale

(1) Wayne (5-0) -  Springfield (2-3)
 In what will be a war to say the least this game has more storylines then the hit TV show Empire.

 How do u say?

Let's just start with Coach Maurice Douglass rejuvenating the Springfield program and getting it to a point where this game will have talent all over the field. And coming off a 51 point explosion last week. They know if they win this game?
Oh boy.
Then you have all- state star QB Messiah DeWeaver, the heralded quarterback for Wayne, who used to play for Douglas at Trotwood.        DeWeaver left Trotwood and now plays for Wayne and there has been reports of a little bit of trash talk come away of Springfield.

Will this be "Bulletin Board Material" for the WayneTrain? 

Maybe they dont like him? Or the swag that DeWeaver and his juggernaut program displays?
Maybe they're sick and tired of losing to Wayne?

Now the #WayneTrain has been hyped up even more according to reports...

Regardless of the reason,  this has become the premeire rivalry game in the Miami Valley and in the GWOC,  and tonight will be no exception. Look the Wayne train to win, but it'll be in a close game (24-18)
This could shape up to be the game of the year in the Miami Valley & one that you definitely don't want to miss.

(2) Dunbar @ Meadowdale -

 While Meadowdale (2-3) has been inconsistent a little bit recently they did shut out their last
opponent. Dunbar (2-3) lost a great opportunity last week to get a road win in a 7-6 defeat in Cincinnati. Dunbar had multiple possesions in the red zone but couldn't finish the deal. Whoever can win this game will have a little bit of momentum in trying to get to the playoffs. Its still within reach for both teams but as the season wanes time is running out. look for A Dunbar win 25 -17.

(3) Trotwood (4-1)  @  Sidney (2-3)

Can  Trotwood, led by the sophomore sensation at running back, go up to Sidney and get a much needed W to keep their playoff hopes intact?
 The Rams had a good bounce back game after their first heartbreaking loss. Sidney's been up and down this season, but it would mean much more to the Yellow Jackets to ruin Trotwood season. Nevertheless, Trotwood get it done 30-17.

(4) Northmont @ Beavercreek
Can the Creek get another big win and keep their playoff hopes alive against a tough Thunderbolt team?
We pick the Creek 24-20.

(5) Xenia (2-3) @  West Carrollton (2-3)
 yes this game is actually in the top five Y? because West Carrolton has a chance to win two games in a row in 3 games in a season and which the Pirates had lost 20+ games in a row coming into the season. So if West Carrollton can beat a senior team who just defeated Troy, it could show that the Pirates are on the way up in a very tough GWOC.

We got West Carrollton winning in a tight one 17-16.

Last week Record - 4-1

Belmont wins in OT, moves to 5-1; Jefferson cruises

10 minutes after the game between Ponitz & Belmont, Bison Coach Earl White face said it all in one word:

Lankford clutch sack in OT

    After another dramatic encounter, their 5th straight win, and the Bison faithful rooting to no end? What more was there to say?

  The Bison escaped from the Golden Panthers grasp in OT as two-way star Davion Lankford scored a TD, a 2-pt conversion & got a key sack to help Belmont upend Ponitz 30-22.
   It wasn't easy to say the least, but this Bison team will not fold, as you have seen in the last three weeks.
With Belmont nursing a 22-6 lead in the 4th, Ponitz engineered two straight TD drives - with the second drive covering 85 yards within the last two minutes; The Panthers also got the 2-pt conversion, with less than 15 seconds left. It was great execution by the Panthers, and you felt a sense of "the upset bug" in the air.

  Belmont received the ball first in OT, and Lankford scored the TD and the 2-pt conversion.
    Ponitz also scored on the first play from scimmage, but a offensive penalty negated the play, and the Bison D took over.

   Belmont knows that in order to get to the playoffs, they will have to play harder and finish better.

But hey, at least the Bison are thinkin' playoffs.
For the first time in a long time.
Salute the Bison.

Jefferson gets big W 

Jefferson grabbed a much needed victory last night
as they defeated Hillcrest 24-14.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can Belmont defeat another rival upstart program in Ponitz?

The Belmont Bison (4-1) will look to continue its meteoric rise up the Southwestern Ohio HS Football ladder as they will take on a hungry Ponitz squad eager to get a win tonight (7pm) @ Welcome Stadium.

Ponitz (1-3) has been close but has lost late in the last few games. They led division leader Woodward in the first half, but couldn't hold the lead.
Belmont was down 36-22 late in the 3rd qtr, but pulled off a furious rally to win 44-36 @ Cincinnati Woodward last week.
Can Ponitz pull off mild upset?

Coach Earl White and RB sensation Davion Lankford has led the way for a rejuvenated program.

Tonight's game will be interesting to watch as the Bison were 4-1 last season as well, but then went on a slide and ended up in the middle of the pack.

Can Belmont ride the wave, defeat another city rival, & move one step closer to the playoffs?
  Or will Ponitz get back in the winning column?

We're predicting a Bison win 32- 22.
Last week prediction record: 4-1