Thursday, June 18, 2015

West Carrollton looks to change progam around with Bball Camp; Dunbar track headed to Nationals without star sprinter

After having years, even decades of being a losing program it looks as if the folks of West Carrollton have had enough, and are looking to turn the program around. With the Varsity Football and Mens Varsity Basketball team placing new coaches in the fold, its obvious to see that the Pirate program is looking in an upward direction. Add to the fact that the Womens Varsity Basketball - led by Scott Davis -  had its best season in over 20 years?

Now you might be onto something.

And in continuing that trend, SportsEffectLive has partnered up once again with the Pirates coaching staff, along with the WCMBA to put on the 2nd Annual Developmental Basketball Camp at the High School on June 27th and 28th.

With BW3's, Cricket, and Game Stop joining in to support the camp, its not only the coaches who want the program to turn it around. In speaking with the owners and people in the community there is a real thirst to have a "winning" program again.

Despite the long drought, it seems that the Pirates are on the right track.

Last year the Developmental Camp featured almost 40 kids - which was a major turnout for its Inaugural one, nevertheless. With former UD Flyer hoopers such as Nate Green, pro players such as Devaughn Buntyons and coaches (Ohio Flash Charles Hickman)  the camp went smooth, was ran flawlessly, focused on the fundamentals and was lauded as a great "Stepping Stone Event" for the future in West Carrollton.

This year looks to be even better with more coaches, pro players, and more kids expected to attend since there's no AAU to compete with.
And if you aren't in West Carrolltons program but want to have your son or daughter be a part of the camp?
No problem.
Last year we had almost 15 kids come from all over the Miami Valley to the camp.

Every kid will recieve a T-Shirt, lunch, a Player Evaluation form, and a chance to win a free video game (Courtesy of Game Stop).  Awards wil be give out as well in the different areas (Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Hustle, Defense, Etc.)

You can register early and save $5, or you can use our Referral Bonus (save $5 a Referral) if you have someone who's interested in coming as well.

To sign up, go, here:
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Note: Register your information on the Contact Us page, in which you will be notified within 24-48 hours.

Dunbar will compete for National  Championships this week

  The D- 2 track champions of Ohio will compete this week in the National Championship in North Carolina.
     Despite not having D-1 signee (Houston) and superstar-in-making Brian Bell (pneumonia), Bell actually had pneumonia while he was running for state title in Columbus, but was able to grind it out for the team in one of the greatest stories in City League track history.

 However, the Wolverines, who won the indoor championships earlier this year, will make a couple minor adjustments, and should still be in the running for another title.
The Wolverines won back to back titles this season, and will look to complete the rare sweep of winning State and National Indoor and Outdoor titles in one season.

Good luck to Dunbar Nation as they look to complete history.

And knowing Dunbar?

     Dont bet against them winning it all.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Dunbar track shows why its the best in the country, wins State in landslide; Meadowdale girls finish second

At the Franklin - Dunbar classic bball game at UD Arena, I ran into Dunbar track coach Alfred Powell, who reminded me that track was around the corner- and that his defending champion team was special. And as those previous State Championship rings shined so brightly on his fingers (multiple at that) while he talked, you had to respect the mere fact that him talking his track team up was no hype.

It was the reality.

Dayton Dunbar Wolverines have the best track team in the United States of America.


Dunbar celebrates second consecutive D-2 Ohio HS State Track Title

And after what happened in Columbus last weekend at the Ohio D-2 High School State Championships at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in front of a packed house solidified not only the Wolverines as the class of Division 2, but the premiere Track team in the state, and frankly, the country after winning its second consecutive title on Saturday.

They demolished the competition in team play. And they did it with that Wolverine swagger that you used to seeing.

They almost doubled (64-40) the score of the second place team (Lake Catholic Central). They won most of the events they competed in, and when they didn't, it took a epic effort on the other opponents to defeat them (check headlines, video of 4x400 final)

There was no doubt who was the dominant team in Ohio. But how can you say the best in the country?

Well earlier in the season, the Wolverines competed in the National High School Track Invitational, (in New York) which only the best of the best are invited.

And they won that one too.

Now while winning the National tourney early in the season can sometimes feed too much arrogance to a already confident squad, the Wolverines used it as motivation to dominate throughout the tourney like few teams EVER have.

In the sectionals it was dominant, but it was "just the sectionals"

Then when it came to regionals, where it was more of the same, but the question was, "they cant dominate like that at State can they?"

All you had to do was ask the coach.
Or watch history, in its fastest and rarest form.
The execution was on point. The coaches had them well prepared and the fan base was in full effect.

Salute the Dunbar Wolverines as they show how to deal with early success and finish on top.
With class.

Dunbar Wolverines, Ohio HS Division 2 State Champs.

Could we see a 3-peat? 
Wouldn't bet against it.

Meadowdale ladies finish second in state

The Lady Lions repped the Miami Valley, had a very strong showing in Columbus. and showed they will be a contender for years to come as well.
 Meadowdale won the 800 Relay, finished 3rd in the 400 Relay (C-J finished first), and finished 3rd in the 1600 Relay.

The group of  lady Lions  (Henderson, Underwood, Mayfield-Brown, Pettigrew, Smith, Streety) definitely deserves praise for almost winning the State and having a great showing in Columbus.