Saturday, July 29, 2017

All Time Leading Scorer Joins Charity Game; Cook Player Coach of event?

In some recent news, the City Leagues All Time leading scorer in Richard "TuTu" Brown will be in a uniform for the Conquer the Court Charity Game today at Belmont HS.

After getting word there was a spot available, the scoring great from Dunbar wanted to join in.

It was found out a spot had been reserved for another player but they would be able to play, in which Brown was added on the roster.

Brown was lethal in leading the Wolverines back in the 90's and did so to the tune of becoming the Highest Scorer in Dayton Public League History.

Brown will join legends such as Juan Gay, Dwight Anderson, Mike Williams and more as they will compete today (1pm) @ Belmont HS.

There has been word that another Dunbar great in Daequan Cook may come by and participate as well.

The event will benefit the Dayton Public School District and Central State.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's Official: Powell regains job at Dunbar; Did Committee get it right?

After one of the most high profile high school situations in OHSAA history,  Dunbar coach Darran Powell was approved on Tuesday night to be re-hired as the head coach of the Dunbar Wolverines.

Powell and staff will be back for 2017 

The Dayton Public School Committee finally got it right.

Better late than never right?

  Powell, who lost his job due to lack of votes in the re-hiring process recently, was awarded his job back in a voting process that favored him 6-1.

  Most, if not all, did truly feel that Powell did deserve a his job back.
 The one person who voted no wanted to hear a apology from Powell, which was his reason for voting no, citing a lack of real remorse from Powell and his staff.

In the scandal and hottest topic of the 2016 High School season, Dunbar allegedly tried to throw a game vs Belmont after playing a ineligible player and being called out on it by the Belmont staff.

 It was alleged that the AD (Mark Baker) told the Coaches at Dunbar to let Belmont win, so that both teams would make the playoffs after being caught paying the ineligible player.

 The game was eventually stopped by the officials  briefly after the Wolverines looked to try to the throw the game. Albeit in bad fashion as well.

   After delegation, the Wolverines finished off the Bison, but in effect, would be the final straw for Dunbar as they would forfeit their final 2 games, causing a playoff shift in teams who would and wouldn't make it, and eliminating themselves and watching Belmont go to the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season.

Will the Bison make it 3 straight years in the playoffs? 

 Once the dust had settled, Baker had denied all reports of him telling the staff to throw the game, while Powell had openly told his teams parents in a meeting the Sunday after the game, that he would never do anything like that knowingly.

 Pete Pullen, the legendary basketball coach, resgined as the AD from Dunbar after the situation, which then left it a Powell-Baker situation.

 Baker, who has denied all accusations, was cleared by Superintendent Rhonda Corr of any wrongdoings but was found at fault by OHSAA, which led to a 3-year Probation settlement on DPS.

As long as Baker is in office, there will be probation, which was the messaged relayed to the District.

Nevertheless, Baker got a 2-year extension.
 And Powell?
 He lost his job, even though he won the majority of the votes.

So when the word got out that someone else would be coaching the Wolverines and how Powell actually lost his job?

The entire organization stood up for Dunbar coach, which set the stage for tonight.

After the results, the Dunbar contingent hugged and celebrated.
 While Darran Powell wasn't at the event,  the Powell family was in full force, and was very relieved in the final results.

Assistant coach Antoine Sain felt like the kids would be the most to benefit, as Powell is like a "Father figure" to a lot of the Wolverines.

   When it was over, Rhonda Corr waved to the Dunbar family and congratulated them on the ruling.
In return, some of the Wolverines waved back and talked.

In a tumultuous year, this was the absolute best move Corr and the committee has made.
 Hands down.

Now when is that Belmont-Dunbar game this year?

Oh yeah, it's the Season Opener.

You can bet that Powell is already at work.
Now he can eat and sleep again.

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