Sunday, February 7, 2016

Someone from Dayton will be hoisting a Super Bowl tonight

No matter who wins Super Bowl 50, one thing is for certain:
     Someone from the city of Dayton will be winning a Super Bowl tonight.

And it could be two players.  Depending on the winner.

Curt Coleman (Northmont) , David Bruton (Miamisburg), & Cody Latimer (Jefferson) all have a chance to grab a Super Bowl ring.

Even more interesting,  is their roles in Super Bowl 50 pitting the Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers.

 David Bruton & Cody Latimer are the two players who play for the Denver Broncos.

   While Latimer - a two year pro, will have a chance to make history tonight by catching a pass from one of the All-time Greats (Manning), Bruton will not play, as he had a season ending injury in mideseason.
    Bruton was having a major impact, as the Defensive Back was a Special Teams Captain and was a integral part of the Dime and Nickel Defenses for the Broncos.

 He then was hurt mid-season (leg) & his magical season was done.

   However, what you don't know is that Bruton is a huge giver to the communities in Denver and Dayton, and was one of the finalists for some humanitarian awards in the NFL and the Denver Broncos.
 His efforts in the community are legendary. And he still remains optimistic despite the fact that he won't get to play in the biggest game of his career.
    Bruton, started his career at Miamisburg HS, and dominated before heading to college.

   Latimer was a 2 sport star at Jefferson High School, and decided to head to Indiana, where he starred before being drafted by the Broncos.

  Don't be surprised to see Latimer catch a TD or big play, as both QBs for Denver have a good repoire with the 6'3 Wide Reciever who's ready to breakout.
On the other side is Curt Coleman, the Safety for the Panthers who has help spearhead a incredible defense that could become legendary with one more great performance.

   Coleman started his career at Northmont HS, where he was a 3-year starter and developed into a force, before he headed to Ohio State.

   While he didn't totally dominate at Ohio State, he was rock solid, and the NFL took notice.

    Coleman bounced around in the League, and now seems set in the back end of a monstrous D that gives up nothing, and has top players throughout all the levels. Coleman is a free agent, and could be in line to get paid.
     Coleman signature stamp was his performance in the NFC Championship game, picking off Carson Palmer twice and showing that he will make you pay for your mistakes.

 No matter who wins tonight, the DYT will be reppin some new hardware, as one- or two - kids dreams will become a reality of being Super Bowl 50 champion.
 And who knows? Maybe one becomes a household name. In a good way.

Couldn't happen to a better group of young men.


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