Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Signing Day tomorrow for Patton, Hoskins; Some interesting options could play out; Where Will they go?

It is now time for HS seniors to start signing hoop scholarships.

Where will local stars Darnell Hoskins and Torrey Patton end up? Maybe with Keith Dambrot & LeBron, or Grambling perhaps?

With all the excitement surrounding the Torrey Patton push, we wanted to analyze the stars Final 5 teams and see where Patton and friend and former Thurgood star Darnell Hoskins Jr will end up.

 Hoskins Jr, was the City League Player of the Year in 16, but decided to go to a prep school after his senior year, which enhanced his skills, development, and preparation for big time college ball.

While both will be making their announcements live tomorrow, Patton will do his at 9am (Trotwood), while Hoskins will do his at 3 (Thurgood Marshall).

Both players had great senior seasons, and now they will get a chance to shine at the next level.

Let's look at the teams and weigh the odds on where these 2 stars will end up.

Where will Patton Push lead the star guard?  

Torrey Patton Final 5: Akron, Miami (Ohio), Duquesne, Wright State, & Robert Morris 

Darnell Hoskins Jr Final 5: Akron, Miami (Ohio) Grambling St, Longford, & Saginaw Valley State 

When you look at Pattons final 5, there are a few things that stand out.

(1) The Impact of LeBron 
The fact that James spoke for Patton, this has resonated within Pattons circle and the State of Ohio for that matter. With LBJ'S former coach Keith Dambrough headed to Duquesne, will Patton follow? Word is that Akron went all out for the star, and would love to have the shooting guard.

(2) The local effect 
With Wright State and Miami, you have 2 schools in your back yard who joined the sweepstakes later in the game.

Wright State inquired about Patton as a junor but backed off for some reason, which didn't thrill the Patton circle.

Now the Raiders have hit the full court press button, especially since star G Mark Alstork is transferring out.

Miami has a new coach in Damon Frierson, and he made a nice impact on Patton and his family. Miami is a small school but big time in the fact that they have a solid program that is only 45 minutes from Dayton.

Where will Patton go? Will he stay close to home or will he head up north?
Will he go with Team LBJ?

When you get to Hoskins, he has both Miami (Ohio) & Akron as well, which makes for a intriguing prospect.

Could Hoskins and Patton go to the same school?

Considering both schools have new coaches in the fold, it makes for a compelling situation if it is possible.

Patton will be a combo guard in college, possibly moving to the 2 spot, while Hoskins is a pure PG.

Hoskins has Grambling pushing hard as well, along with D-2 powers Longford and Saginaw Valley State

Hoskins has calculated every move, and this one won't be any different.

Hoskins and Patton in Miami Ohio red or Akron blue?
Or will Patton suprise us with a selection to Duquesne or Robert Morris?

So quiet, but always caluclated.

Let the new journey begin for these 2 talented  young men.
Where ever it will be, look for both to make a major impact from Day 1.

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