Friday, April 7, 2017

OHSAA rules 3 years probation for DPS Sports; Wolverine Coaches Vindicated; Haley Leaves Amazing Legacy in Ohio

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OHSAA hands DPS probation, fine 

After a lengthy and drama filled situation that involved the Dunbar Football program, DPS Athletic Director Mark Baker and Superintendent Rhonda Corr, Ohio High School Athletic Association made a decision to give the entire district 3 years probation and a $10,000 fine, sources say.

 While it was thought that Dayton Public Schools could possibly receive the "Death Penalty" for the alleged attempt at fixing a game, playing a ineligible player, and so forth.
 OHSAA, however, in effect, gave the District a stern smack on the wrist compared to what most thought would happen.

Dunbar Coaching Staff Cleared by OHSAA

Dunbar's coaching staff was cleared of wrongdoing from the incident, which was sweet music to their ears. They will be able to keep their jobs, regain some credibility and as Wolverines Coach Darran Powell stated, "Were so glad to put this behind us and get to work. We have some unfinished business,"  eluding to the fact that the Wolverines missed out on a golden opportunity last season to reach the playoffs.

 With so many factors on the board, the committee decided to handle it in a manner in which, although the kids and the whole District is penalized, they will be allowed to compete in the playoffs, which was the biggest issue for all involved.
Superintendent Rhonda Corr and AD Mark Baker will have to meet with OHSAA officials for further detail, but for the most part, the final decisions have been made.
Superintendent Rhonda Corr

While OHSAA would not respond to whether there could be further action for Corr or Baker, there is a huge sigh of relief for the District, which was about to look like a free agency in a pro sports.

We hope the district can get it together, because the next time, it will be a catastrophe.
A valuable lesson learned all around, and while the kids are affected the most by this, it could have been a lot worse for DPS.

Dunbar Legendary Coach Mike Haley passes away; Was he the Greatest HS Coach ever in Dayton?
  One of the, if not the greatest HS Coach in the Miami Valley passed away last weekend in Mike Haley Sr.

Haley was a true legend, taking 2 different schools to the State, creating a new playing style, and coaching some of the greatest talent in Daytons's rich hoop history to unparalleled success.

Roth won back to back state Championships in 80-81

Haley won a state title as a player (Portsmouth) and won a MAC College Championship as well, knocking off Kentucky in the NCAA tourney in a stunning upset.

He then would come to Dayton to solidy himself as one of the greatest HS Basketball Coaches in Ohio history.

He took over at Roosvelt, then guided Roth to 2 state titles, one led by Star RB and Ohio State great Keith Byars.

He would then move to Dunbar, where he would get one more title, in 87, led by his son Mike Haley Jr, Mark Baker and Kirk Taylor. Haley Jr would set the record for most points in City League Career. Only to be topped by Richard "TuTu" Brown, another Wolverine great.

Haley would end up winning 300 games, with a great winning percentage and personality to boot. Haley was one of the more emotional, fun, and stylistic coaches to watch, and his signature Full-Court Pressing style he impletmented at Roosvelt still is a big time way the Wolverines and the City League teams play.

Haley was a true pioneer and embassador for the sport in the Dayton area and Statewide.
He was 73 years old, and was at the Kleptz YMCA  working in the basketball program before the passing.

Salute one of Ohio's greatest to ever do it, on the court and on the sidelines.

Rest in Peace Mr Haley.

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