Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Locals dominate at Nike Camp; Hargrove nabs MVP; Thomas, Scates sends statement; Powell regains coaching job;

Here's the Hop topics in the Miami Valley as we head towards the end of the school year:

Hargrove wowed coaches at the Nike camp in Cleveland, Ohio.
Hargrove is a back to back MVP, a feat few have accomplished 

Locals stars shine at Nike Camp

Raveion Hargrove, Jojo Scates, Tavion Thomas and L'Christian Blue Smith headlined a star studded senior class as both shined at the Nike Camp last weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.
While Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson and the Browns staff observed, the local talent shined.

Hargrove had been looked at as one of the top RBs in the country,  but the question remained;
What about his stature? Is he tall enough?

Hargrove put all those rumors to bed, winning MVP of the event, and pushing his name into the upper echelon of the country. When asked about his height, Hargrove just shrugs it off and shows why he's the one of, if not the most dynamic RB in the country.
Dunbar stars JoJo Scates and Tavion Thomas repped well at the Camp as well, as both are high on the radar of all the top colleges in the country.

L'Christian "Blue" Smith fielded questions about his ability to play WR, as some has thought that maybe he would be a Tight End at the next level.
The #1
Smith also put those rumors to rest, as he has ran a 4.4 40 recently while standing at 6'7 right now. His ability to change directions, and to beat his man has dismissed the rumors, and he has stated that "I want to play WR" and that he will not play anything else, which is a reason Ohio State is not at the top spot in Smiths mind.
 As of yet.

Smith has taken visits, and just recently visited Notre Dame.
Blue is a fan of the Irish.
Smith has favored Kentucky, Ohio State, and Notre Dame along with Alabama making a push as well.
And don't forget about Michigan and Michigan St.

Overall the Nike Camp was a success for the Dayton athletes and it should be a incredible senior year in Southwest Ohio.

Coach Darran Powell regains football job at Dunbar

Dunbar Powell re-signs with Wolverines, will coach Dunbar next season 

With everything that has happened in the last year, the Dunbar staff cab finally exhale as Coach Darran Powell and his staff will coach the Wolverines next season.
 While Powell has stated that he felt like his name and the staff would be slung through the mud during the allegations, he always kept the faith that he should be the head coach.

In a move that should have happened, it did, and now the Wolverines will get a chance to atone for a disastrous end of season. While Powell knows that the team he had last year was very good, this team coming up should be just as good. Although senior star players Keyshawn Jones and Chris Jackson moves on, the Wolverines have ready and willing talent ready to step in.

 Powell has stated that he can now "sleep again" after many restless nights during the investigation,
and hopefully can get some positive vibes and repair the program after a tumultous end with the team last season.

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