Friday, October 23, 2015

Top 5 Games of Week 9

With the regular season coming to a near end, it's now or never for most teams as the playoffs are right around the corner.

Here's our top games for Week 9:

(1) Wayne (8-0)  @   Beavercreek  (6-2)

Last week the Beavers felt like if they could get 2 out of their last 3 games they would reach the playoffs.  After a heartbreaking loss to Centerville last week, the Beavers will face their destiny a week early, as the Wayne Train is in town tonight. Win the epic battle?
 possibly cruise to a playoff spot.
Lose? Could be a tough tough end to a great season .Can star RB Tim Bradshaw lead the Beavers to a epic victory?
We pick the Wayne Train 37- 24.

(2) Thurgood  (3-5)  @ Meadowdale (4-4) 

In what should be a battle to the finish, the Lions will look to get some revenge on the 6-Time Champs. Thurgood will be hungry to grab a W, as they were defeated soundly last week by Dunbar.

We have Thurgood winning 26-24.

(3) Springboro  @  Miamisburg  

With both teams on the brink of the playoffs, this game could be damaging for either team that loses..
Springboro, with a win, could lock up a playoff spot.
Miamisburg needs a win this week and next week and some things to happen.

Were taking Springboro by a score of 30-20.

(4) Springfield (3-5) @ Centerville  (5-3) 

Can "The Field"eliminate the Elks from playoff contention? I'm sure that despite the Wildcats record and inability to get to the playoffs, they'd love nothing more than to knock off the Elks, who seemingly play in the big games every single week.
We have the Wildcats in a upset, 38-30.

(5) Dunbar  (4-4)  @ Cincy Taft    

After trouncing Thurgood last week, the Wolverines  know that they need to win tonight in Cincinnati to have a chance to make the playoffs. They squandered a couple of games early in the season, but know if they can win the last two games, they still might have an outside shot to make the playoffs. Cincinnati taft, will be ready to go, and have some firepower.
We think the Wolverines will prevail 22-16.

Trotwood (5-3) @ Greenville  

Can Trotwood right the ship before it's too late? Once looking like a lock to make the playoffs, now they must win, and hope that things fall their way.
Trotwood wins tonight 24-19.

DHSS Predictions:
Last week's record: 4-1

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