Saturday, October 31, 2015

Impact of Dunbar - Belmont game could be huge tonight (830pm)

For years the Belmont Bison have been the doormats of the City League.  Almost 37 to be exact. They've had a year or so where they have been decent, but nothing like what has happened in the last 2 years.  
    Well, the Bison have a chance to kick down history once and for all.
    At the hands of possibly the most celebrated High School in the Miami Valley.
   Before the season started, Dunbar was the team who were one of the pre-season favorites to win the newly formed SWOPL (Southwest Ohio Public League) which merges Dayton & Cincinnati Public schools for football.

Belmont? Figured to go .500 at best.

   But after both teams took season opening losses on the road, Belmont was able to bounce back and ride it's star to 7 straight wins, a possible playoff berth and a chance to complete history, as the first team to win the SWOPL outright in its first year back.
   But can they actually beat Dunbar?

    Dunbar smacked Belmont last season, and for years at that. They're like the big bro who smacks lil bro around and never thinks twice about that lil bro will get bigger and stronger one day and not forget all them whoopins. After the tough loss last season you can be sure that coach learned a thing or two about this team since that time.
   Dunbar is supremely talented, well coached and if not for a couple of tough late game losses, they'd be playing for a playoff spot themselves. They seemingly have the top talent that bring themselves to the Wolverines each and every season. However, they have made some timely mistakes which has been their undoing.
Will Dunbar once again prove that their talent and will outweighs that of any other team in the city, and stop The Bison amazing momentum?
The Wolverines are notorious for slamming Title hopes.
   Just not sure they can hold off 37 years of Bison frustration.
  Welcome Stadium will be rockin' tonight (830) as we will see if the Bison are forreal.

   Win this game? & Expect a Bison revival, a playoff run, and a new Era at Belmont.
Lose? Well, we've heard that story for 37 years. We know that ending.
At least the Bison are exciting,  relevant, and doing things the right way.
Expect a classic game tonight. Expect great High School football, coaches by two of the best coaches in the Miami Valley tonight. Expect plays made by D-1 players all over the field tonght.
City League football is on the rise.

NOTE: A possible Annual Dayton HS Sports City League All-star HS Football Challenge in the works for March - April debut.
Football in Dayton, Ohio is back on the rise.
History will be made tonight.

Who makes it, Belmont or Dunbar?


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