Friday, October 2, 2015

Top 5 games of Week 6; The Field vs The Wayne Train, Dunbar Meadowdale

(1) Wayne (5-0) -  Springfield (2-3)
 In what will be a war to say the least this game has more storylines then the hit TV show Empire.

 How do u say?

Let's just start with Coach Maurice Douglass rejuvenating the Springfield program and getting it to a point where this game will have talent all over the field. And coming off a 51 point explosion last week. They know if they win this game?
Oh boy.
Then you have all- state star QB Messiah DeWeaver, the heralded quarterback for Wayne, who used to play for Douglas at Trotwood.        DeWeaver left Trotwood and now plays for Wayne and there has been reports of a little bit of trash talk come away of Springfield.

Will this be "Bulletin Board Material" for the WayneTrain? 

Maybe they dont like him? Or the swag that DeWeaver and his juggernaut program displays?
Maybe they're sick and tired of losing to Wayne?

Now the #WayneTrain has been hyped up even more according to reports...

Regardless of the reason,  this has become the premeire rivalry game in the Miami Valley and in the GWOC,  and tonight will be no exception. Look the Wayne train to win, but it'll be in a close game (24-18)
This could shape up to be the game of the year in the Miami Valley & one that you definitely don't want to miss.

(2) Dunbar @ Meadowdale -

 While Meadowdale (2-3) has been inconsistent a little bit recently they did shut out their last
opponent. Dunbar (2-3) lost a great opportunity last week to get a road win in a 7-6 defeat in Cincinnati. Dunbar had multiple possesions in the red zone but couldn't finish the deal. Whoever can win this game will have a little bit of momentum in trying to get to the playoffs. Its still within reach for both teams but as the season wanes time is running out. look for A Dunbar win 25 -17.

(3) Trotwood (4-1)  @  Sidney (2-3)

Can  Trotwood, led by the sophomore sensation at running back, go up to Sidney and get a much needed W to keep their playoff hopes intact?
 The Rams had a good bounce back game after their first heartbreaking loss. Sidney's been up and down this season, but it would mean much more to the Yellow Jackets to ruin Trotwood season. Nevertheless, Trotwood get it done 30-17.

(4) Northmont @ Beavercreek
Can the Creek get another big win and keep their playoff hopes alive against a tough Thunderbolt team?
We pick the Creek 24-20.

(5) Xenia (2-3) @  West Carrollton (2-3)
 yes this game is actually in the top five Y? because West Carrolton has a chance to win two games in a row in 3 games in a season and which the Pirates had lost 20+ games in a row coming into the season. So if West Carrollton can beat a senior team who just defeated Troy, it could show that the Pirates are on the way up in a very tough GWOC.

We got West Carrollton winning in a tight one 17-16.

Last week Record - 4-1

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