Saturday, July 29, 2017

All Time Leading Scorer Joins Charity Game; Cook Player Coach of event?

In some recent news, the City Leagues All Time leading scorer in Richard "TuTu" Brown will be in a uniform for the Conquer the Court Charity Game today at Belmont HS.

After getting word there was a spot available, the scoring great from Dunbar wanted to join in.

It was found out a spot had been reserved for another player but they would be able to play, in which Brown was added on the roster.

Brown was lethal in leading the Wolverines back in the 90's and did so to the tune of becoming the Highest Scorer in Dayton Public League History.

Brown will join legends such as Juan Gay, Dwight Anderson, Mike Williams and more as they will compete today (1pm) @ Belmont HS.

There has been word that another Dunbar great in Daequan Cook may come by and participate as well.

The event will benefit the Dayton Public School District and Central State.

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