Thursday, September 1, 2016

Big Time Matchup on A Thursday; Ponitz, Dunbar Intriguing Week 2 Matchup

 After the Ponitz Panthers dismantled its first opponent, this weeks Panthers vs Dunbar Wolverines Week 2 matchup looks a lot better as they will battle tonight @ Welcome Stadium (7pm)

Who wins pivotal city league battle?
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Add the fact that the Wolverines was able to pull out the comeback victory, and now you have two teams who could be playing for a lot more than just a 2-0 record early in the season, as the Panthers take on the Wolverines at Welcome Stadium.

    Now while Dunbar was figured to be a favor for playoff contender, ponitz was looked at possibly being a year away.

    However with the great coaching staff and the seniors stepping up, we could be in for a heck of a game.

Keys to victory for Ponitz

Ponitz must set the tempo in the game...The Panthers was able to dictate the tempo in the first game with their misdirection offense and big play ability.....They need to be able to set the tone against a team that they haven't had success with....Must get the running game going.....Must get pressure with D Line & win line of scrimmage....Have to stop big play ability of Wolverines.

Keys to victory for Dunbar: 

Dunbar must execute the little things early and often....They have to get their key offensive players in the game....Must play good defense like in Week 1..... Have to get passing game going.....Must win key "big play" total vs Ponitz.

As some of the senior Panthers stated at Dayton HS Sports TV/ Radio Show, the Wolverines are the team they want to get some "Getback" on;

Are Panthers ready to get Revenge" on the Wolverines?
Should be a very nice matchup indeed.

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