Friday, September 30, 2016

Belmont wins epic battle 54-41; Dunbar Coach suspended for scoring too much? New Hire

With all the hoopla surrounding this week, it surely will be a interesting weekend to say the least.

Belmont survives shootout, defeats Ponitz (Thursday Night Game) 

QB Xavier Henry speeding to the end zone

The Bison was very aware of how Ponitz felt coming into the game last night.
 The Panthers made no bones about being better than Belmont, and they wanted to prove it this season.
   After Thursday night, it's safe to say the Bison were ready & withstood every challenge the Panthers brought their way, en route to a 54-41 win @ Welcome Stadium.
 Every time the Panthers scored, the Bison responded.
  While Panthers RB Jamil Freeman was good in his own right, Elijah Malcolm  was unstoppable, and has vaulted his name into the SWOPL Player of the Year list with a great performance - especially in the 4th quarter, when Belmont needed it most.

Belmont now moves to 4-2, while Ponitz suffered it's 3rd loss of the season (3-3).
Coach White felt like his boys showed poise, perseverance, and a toughness he hadn't seen this year. Not to mention this turning into a "Rivalry Game" after all the talking.

Dunbar Coach suspended 1 game after "Running up the Score"

Wolverines coach and staff during the game

 Dunbar Wolverines coach Darran Powell has been suspended 1 game for "Running up the score" last week in the Cincy Schroeder game.

He is awaiting appeal for tonight's game vs Meadowdale.
  This was handed down earlier this week by the DPS Committee & AD Mark Baker.
While 78 points is a lot, there is a lot of speculation of why he was suspended.
 Let's go back before we head forward real quick.

The Dayton Public League has been mediocre at best in football for the last 20-30 years. The only team to make it to state was Earl White led Thurgood Marshall in the last 50 years.

Teams in the GWOC, GCL, and other top leagues had salivated over the chance to play city schools yeara ago.
Well, over the last couple years the addition of new coaches, top players, and a real push by the community and media has shown that City League football is on the rise. And in this era,  there is a running clock if a rout is in effect (30 point lead after halftime) to prevent ridiculous blowouts.

But in sports it happens.  It happened last year, when Belmont posted 72 on Aiken. And no word on a suspension.

Why not?

So why the suspension now on a team that is clearly having its best season in over 15 years?

  When u watch the Wolverines, you can see that the is talent all over the place.
And last year, the Wolverines lost a few games they should have won; combine that with a hungry team, a coaching staff who knows how to win and has instilled a winning mentality, and you get these results sometimes.
No other High School team that has ever went ham on a city league team has ever suspended a coach.

So why now?
The facts:  Dunbar scored 50 points in the first half. And they could have scored more.

They played 2nd and 3rd stringers in the entire 2nd half. And still scored 28 points. On a running clock no less.

Every week somebody gets trounced in the Miami Valley  where the game is embarrassing.

That's the life of sports. DEAL WITH IT.
Either you win or lose. And the Wolverines lost with this decision.

So is it the Wolverines fault that they scored 78, or is it Schroeder fault for not stopping them?

Should be a interesting night at Welcome Stadium as the Wolverines take on the Lions. In what is a huge rivalry no less.

 NEW Addition to Team as Weatherspoon joins DHSS 

Coach Weatherspoon set to join staff

In a new turn of events, Thurgood Baseball Coach Deon Weatherspoon  has decided to join the Dayton HS Sports staff.
Weatherspoon, who coaches at Thurgood, will assist with weekly show, website, & will also assist with reporting on upcoming events and games.

"SPOON" as he is affectionately known for, will be joining the staff starting next week.



  1. Dunbar made the playoffs in 87 and beat #1 in the state Centerville 19-14. I'm just sayin....

  2. Thanks for the history. Appreciate it. Hard to find records.

  3. I believe that Kirk Herbstriet team was #1 in the Nation at the time. and that was in a Division I Playoff. When the playoffs where limited.