Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's OFFICIAL: "No Audience" for upcoming City League Game Friday; Why this is a Lose Lose scenario


   Dayton Public Schools will not be allowed to have any fans, parents, or friends at the next HS game on Friday.
    They will play the games without any spectators in the gym, which will be interesting to say the least.
   Because of the incident that happened on Tuesday night at the Ponitz vs Dunbar game,  Dayton public schools AD Jonas Smith and the Committee acted swiftly and instructed the 1- game Audience "Suspension" for the behavior.

   Smith was "Very Disappointed" with what occurred at Ponitz but feels this was the best decision.

    But let's look in depth on the effect this has on, not only Friday, but the bigger picture.

The Financial Effect

  Hypothetically, with 3 games going on in a normal city league matchup (Freshman, JV,and Varsity) at a School site, it costs $4 for kids / students, & 6 for adults.
   If you average out 1,000 people for 3 games at a average of $5 a person, that's $5,000 a venue.
   Multiply by 3?

A possible amount of a $15,000 loss off the top.

 Now throw in the concessions of about a minimum of $100 profit for each game, and you're looking at another $300 for each venue, which is another $900.

So, in effect, Dayton Public Schools will lose a minimum of about $16,000 or so, by not having anyone in the stands on Friday.
And that's just from the financial aspect.

   The Family Aspect 

 The fact is that in sports, a team becomes a family within a family. Everybody knows everyone's parents, friends, acquaintances, & foes. And these people show up in droves to support their own people here.  Sports is one of the few things that keep people inspired in Dayton, Ohio.

Parents of the team will go beyond and some for their kids and the programs.
 We're good at HS Sports.
   We get it.
    You are liable to see any and everybody coming to a Dayton Public City League game.
    Former hoop legends & former players. Mayors, Commissioners & TV Stars. Pro athletes. Former and current workers. Young and old fans, and everybody in between come to the games.
  Friday night in the winter?

"What's the High School game of the Week?" And
"Where is it at"  are most of the questions asked.

Now, with no game to go, what do you do on Friday night?

The Fighting Effect
     Thanks a lot young thugs.

  Because you decide to turn a major sporting event into your fight club you,

   (1) Ruin everything for the good folks who want a quality HS basketball game for the community on Friday night, which keeps a lot of people out of trouble as it is.

  (2) Wasted your money to get in and your time as well, not to mention you might be arrested, suspended from school, and got clocked upside the head.
 (3) Show your complete lack of class for the schools, people, and programs who are already grinding to change the perception of Dayton Public.

Hey young thugs, if you want to fight?
   Star boxer Chris Pearson just opened up a pro  development boxing establishment in Trotwood.

 Or there's a variety of UFC - style gyms in Southwest Ohio to battle it out.
This has happened at sporting events before this season, and it' probably will happen again.


 It sucks, and until kids and parents start to understand exactly what the repercussions are, accept blame, man up and understand the REAL EFFECT THIS HAS ON THE COMMUNITY?

It will continue.

Just please, don't ruin the best thing going in Dayton right now.



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