Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dunbar Trotwood game hottest ticket in town; What did NBA 3 pt Champion say about the game? Is it bulletin board material?

Since Trotwood knocked off Dunbar last season, the Rams have showed they are the top squad in the Miami Valley.

Who wins the HS Game of the Year?
Dunbar (16-2)  @ Trotwood  (16-2) 

When the season schedule came out, Dunbar @ Trotwod was #1 on the list of "Must See" games on everyone's watch list when it comes to HS Hoops in Dayton.

No question about it.

That's why it was no suprise that this game was sold out within 2 days of the tickets being on sale.

By Wednesday social media had found out that tickets were already sold out. And people were already panicking.

  Some parents from Dunbar didn't even have tickets, which has some of the Wolverine nation upset.

However, the Rams weren't too happy with the distribution of tickets last season for the game at Dunbar either.

Regardless, one thing is for sure.

This is the Regular Season HS Game of the Year in the Miami Valley.

The hottest ticket in town.

Better than what the college hoop king Dayton Flyers and The Raiders have on the slate too?


Which leads me to believe that both colleges should have a scout or two at this game. Along with a Calipari and a Matta, and who knows?

If u have a ticket?
You definitely are in high demand.

Word is that scalpers are selling tickets for 50 a pop.
This game has all the makings of a Dayton HS Sports Classic:

Let's examine the teams:

 Trotwood, who feature a dynamic starting 5, have D-1 talent all over the court & it seems that.they could be destined for a trip to Columbus come late March.
 Led by All-State G Torrey Patton, Sophomore Sensation Amari Davis, explosive Senior G Amir Foster, & the one of the fastest rising juniors in the State in Myles Belyeu, the Rams are loaded. With young talent on deck and a solid Coaching Staff, the Rams have 5 legitimate D-1 prospects in the starting 5.

Dunbar, has the same type talent and then some, as they are led by Junior stars Caleb McConnell & Devon Baker. Senior sharpshooter Chris Jackson has been on fire lately and with senior G Stormi Cook bringing his steady offensive numbers, the Wolverines are primed for a deep run themselves. Throw in a wild card like Michigan St commit JoJo Scates, and the Wolverines match-up evenly with the Rams.

It has been said that former Dunbar Legend and NBA three-point Champion Daequan Cook spoke to the squad, and let them know that this is just a game, not a state game like it may feel in the Trotwood locker room.
Whether that serves as bulletin board  material 39or the Rams, that's yet to be seen. But it's evident that Dunbar is trying to look at this as a regular season game. But with Cook speaking out, it just adds a little fuel to the fire and spice to the game.

The key to the game could rely heavily on the bench, the coaching, and the late-game heroics of someone. Usually in these type of games a suprise player Rises to the top.

Whoever it is, we're looking forward to seeing it with the hottest ticket in town.

No doubt about it.

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