Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Key GWOC Games Tonight; Spoon-Fed Rankings Week 2

Here's the Top Games this Tuesday in Week 3 of HS Hoops
Where does Belmont rank in Spoon-Fed Weekly Rankings? 

(1)  Beavercreek 3-0  @  Wayne 2-0
Can the 'Creek knock off the highly touted Warriors? 

(2) Miamisburg 2-1  @ Springfield 1-1
Which team will move into upper echelon of GWOC?

(3) Yellow Springs  @ Stivers  3-1 
Can the Tigers continue the good early season play?

(4) Trotwood 1-0 @ West Carrollton 
How many will The Rams score tonight? & can the Pirates young talent battle against the premiere squad in the Miami Valley?

(5) Centerville 2-0 @ Fairmont 1-1 
Will the Elks continue its great play against a scrappy Fairmont team?

(6) Northmont   @ Springboro  
Can Northmont get a big W against a Boro squad who was shut down last weekend and will be ready to play?

Here's our Spoon-Fed Rankings going into Week 2 of HS Hoops

(1) Trotwood -Rams in top spot after big win
(2) Wayne  - Warriors led by Blue Smith 
(3) Dunbar  -Ran past Belmont and Col. Briggs 
(4) Centerville - Elks dominated Boro
(5) Alter  - Knights led by Laravie 33
(6) Northmont  -Bolts have a lot of talent 
(7) Beavercreek  -The Creek suprise team of GWOC
(8) Springfield  -The Field led by Davis lost in OT
(9) Belmont  - Bison fell to Wolverines, still tough
(10) Butler - Vandalia look to have good season 

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