Thursday, June 2, 2016

Satellite Camp via Springfield HS featuring Jim Harbaugh, Michigan

In one of the historical moments in High School History, former NFL pro Maurice Douglass, now head coach of the Springfield Wildcats, partnered up with Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to help re-launch the "Satellite Camp" which was so infamously shelved by the NCAA a month ago yesterday at Springfield High School.


Featuring over 400 players, 25 coaches, and hundreds of fans, it was a sight to behold.

Rather than go somewhere in Michigan, Harbaugh took the first day he could and landed squarely in the middle of Ohio.

Right down the street from good ole Ohio State.

Now while Ohioans will say this is garbage, and he needs to stay in Michigan, consider the background.

Harbaugh is a Ohio guy.

Born here, so why wouldn't he go after the Ohio boys?

But lets go back for a moment....shall we?

Harbaugh had started on the Satellite Trail a couple months ago, hitting the south, which irked the golden boys of the SEC and infuriated the NCAA altogether.

  the SEC didn't like that Harbaugh was trying to wrestle them speedy southern boys away with some silly camp that was only for his benefit.


 Its pretty obvious, that if Harbaugh were bringing in hundreds of kids, keeping the money, and not sharing it with the NCAA?

Shame on Harbaugh! 

If the NCAA cant get its cut, they will cut the show.

So, it was halted.

But, once you look at what the "Satellite Camp" actually offers, its a no brainer.

  The money was going to the schools. So in essence, Harbaugh and his staff were volunteering their time, and not collecting a dime.

   So in reality, what the SEC schools were really complaining about is that Harbaugh had already gotten a jump on everybody.

 When you watched him go through a practice, do his drills and scream instructions, then pat a kid on the back for great effort and good work?

Its obvious the man loves football.

No matter the level.

And in his highly successful yet intriguing life, I'm sure there have been more gratifying times.

But not much more. I promise you.

 To be able to stick it to the NCAA is one thing, but when you can set shop in the middle of Ohio and show that Michigan Football is here?

Makes the whole city of Columbus cringe.

Word was that Urban Meyer had been at a Satellite Camp of Harbaugh's before.

Best believe the Buckeyes are on the trail.

Where will they end up?

Wayne? Trotwood, or Centerville seem like the most likely choices here.

Salute Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines. 

1 up in 2016-17.

You have to respect the man.

Not to mention he grabbed one the most polarizing and hardest working coaches in the game with Maurice Douglass.

   Douglass wants a title this year, and knows this could give his school the edge it needs to get there.

He already produced 14 scholarship players for last season.

 Could this be his year?

Regardless, he has shown that he is always ahead of the curve.

And his comment of "please NCAA, let the Satellite Camp stay" was his most profound statement of the day.

  The Satellite Camp is the new era of recruiting. Period.

It benefits everybody involved, especially the High Schools and the kids.

Get over it NCAA. Put your hand out and shake these two coaches hands instead of reaching in their pockets for money all the time.

  Shoutout to the Satellite Camp.

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