Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wayne get shot at much more than just State Football Title today

      Last year the Wayne Warriors came within a quarter of being State Champions on the football field. It was then that Lakewood St Edward stopped their dream season last year 31-21 -
along in 2010 when Braxton Miller was at the helm.

  Lakewood has won it's only two OHSAA State titles courtesy of the Wayne Train.

 And you know that eats at the Warriors skin. Just makes any and every Wayne fan angry. Wayne has dominated every opponent in the last 5 years, except for one.

Lakewood St Edward.

In what has become one of the greatest single season team performances by a team in Miami Valley history, Wayne now must exercise one last demon.
  And what a demon it is...

 Lakewood, led by RB Cole Gest (Indiana signee)  & QB Jimmy Keefe, have been dominant and could be headed for a another title.

Except for two things:

 Revenge and the Wayne Train.

  Wayne players know that, no matter how good they are they will never be considered great until they win a State Title.
They are 0-3 in State Title games.
  To lose for a 3rd straight time for a chance at it all?  Would be devastating.
And with the players, coaching staff, and fans, they truly believe they will make it happen.
  It has been a unbelievable, magic year for Wayne.
Absolute dominance on offense, while the D got better every week,  becoming dominant in the last month.
But the last question remains:

Is it Wayne's time to shine on the big stage? & bring a big Division HS football championship to the DYT for the first time ever?
    A whole lot at stake for the Warriors.
But they'll be up for the challenge on a lovely day, unlike last year when it was horrible weather I might add.

We got the Warriors winning 30-26.

No matter what happens, it has been one hell of a ride with the Wayne Train.

Good luck, but I  dont think theyll need much luck today. I think fate will do them just fine.


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