Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wayne Train set to debut tnite vs Reynoldsburg (7pm)

After seeing how the GWOC fared last night, it's time for the main event as the Wayne Warriors look to battle Reynoldsburg (7-3) at Heidkamp Stadium tonight (7pm).

Will the Wayne Train unleash on Reynoldsburg?

  The Warriors have been ranked in the USA Today and National Top 25 polls all season, ranking as high as 8th Nationally.

But tonight they will be tested by a sound  Reynoldsburg squad who has nothing to lose.
 They know winning this game could result in legendary status.
And on top of that, they have been in playoff mode for weeks.

However,  the Wayne Train playing in front of its ruckus fans who will generate a 12th man like few places can.

Then there's the team.
With D-1 talent littered all over both sides of the ball, this squad looks focused like no other.

Coach Jay Minton has done a great job of keeping the team hungry, and I'm sure they will be ready tonight.
Could this be the start of the most celebrated Wayne run towards HS Football history?

We think so.

Expect a Wayne win 37-14.

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