Friday, September 11, 2015

Dunbar looks to keep high powered offense going tonight vs Princeton

Going into last weeks game vs Ponitz, the Wolverines were angry.
Angry at the way they played in the second half vs Withrow.
Angry at the rain delay that caused them a day to wait to play.
Angry about the upstart football team with the great coaching staff who threatened to turn their possible championship season into a disaster.
So when they finally got to play, the frustrations came roaring out. Too bad for Ponitz.
They never had a chance on that hot Saturday afternoon as Dunbar won 52-30 last week vs the Panthers. Star WR Keyshawn Jones went buckwild on the Panthers.
Afterwards, there were some smiles, dances, and other small celebrations as the Wolverines got their first W of the season.

Now this week, Dunbar will be tested as Cin. Princeton head to Welcome Stadium tonight as the Southwest Ohio Public League starts to heat up.
Will star wideout Terrance Landers Jr. be available tonight? Remains to be seen as he continues to work back into game mode.

Wolverines Coach Darren Powell knows that in order to take the next step towards being a top football team in the Miami Valley? defeating the cincy schools.

Can they rise up with a talented squad brimming with confidence? Or will Princeton come out if the DYT with a W?

Stay tuned (7pm @ Welcome Stadium)

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